A glossary of terms and abbreviations

AC Application Cryptogram

AID Application Identifier (as per the ISO standard)

ATM Automated Teller Machine

ATR Answer To Reset

BCA Babs and CEKAB Approval

bps Bits Per Second (communication speed)

CA Certification Authority

CA-keys Keys issued by a CA (Visa I or MCI)

CAM Card Authentication Method

CASH Swedish Electronic Purse product

CEPS Common Electronic Purse Specification

CVC2/CVV2 Card Verification Value

CVM Cardholder Verification Method

DDA Dynamic Data Authentication

DPC (Data) Processing Center

DUKPTDerived Unique Key Per Transaction, a key management scheme

E2EEnd-To-End, a type of encryption

ECR Electronic Cash Register

EFTPOS Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale

EMV Europay Mastercard Visa, name of a standard for ICC-payments

EMVCo Organisation set up by Europay, MasterCard and Visa; maintains the EMV standard

EPI Europay International

IAC Issuer Action Codes

ICC Integrated Circuit Card

ICS Implementation Conformance Statement

IFD InterFace Device

KAPayment applications (abbreviation)

KICard interface (abbreviation)

KMF Key Management Facility

LOA Letter Of Approval

MA Master Application

MAC Message Authentication Code. Cryptographic check sum, calculated using a secret key

MCI MasterCard International

MCE MasterCard Europe

MOTO Mail Order, Telephone Order

PA-DSSPayment Application Data Security Standard

PAN Primary Account Number

PCI DSSPCI Data Security Standard. Comprehensive requirements for enhancing payment account data security.

PED PIN Entry Device (also called PINPAD)

PIN Personal identification number

PINPAD Keyboard for PIN entry (also called PED)

PKA Public Key Algorithm

PNC-SAC PAN-Nordic Card Association Security Advisory Committee

POS Point Of Sale – e.g. "POS terminal"

RID Registered application provider IDentifier

RSA Rivest, Shamir, Adleman (the inventors of) a cryptographic algorithm

SAM Secure Application Module

SDA Static Data Authentication

SPDH Standard POS Device Handler. Terminal interface to B24 supporting PIN and MAC

STIP Stand-In Processing

TAC Terminal Action Codes

TC Transaction Certificate

TIP Terminal Integration Process

TMS Terminal Management System

T-SAM Terminal Secure Application Module

TSI Transaction Status Information

TSP Terminal application Service Provider

TVR Terminal Verification Result

UKPT Unique Key Per Transaction. See also DUKPT.

WAP Wireless Application Protocol

VAT Value Added Tax